Marijuana Grow House Decon and Mould

Beginning in February 2008, the Ottawa Police service will provide the locations of dismantled marijuana grow operations and clandestine crystal methamphetamine labs as a result of the Notification of Marijuana Grow Operation Protocol between police services and municipalities.

The Ottawa Police website includes the date, address, seized product(s), arrests and charges laid. The information on each property will be posted on the website for three months.

More importantly, tips are provided on how to spot a marijuana grow op and the types of damage caused by grow ops are provided.

Working with the Ottawa Police Service on this project is the Ottawa Real Estate Board and the Real Estate Institute of Canada.

The Electrical Safety Authority will not reconnect power to a grow op unless there is a clearance certificate that the house is structurally sound and does not pose a chemical or biological hazard upon entering from a Professional Engineer or a Certified Occupational or Industrial Hygienist.

One Call Services works with these organizations to ensure these properties are returned to a safe and healthy environment.

One problem frequently seen with grow-ops is mould. Any of these conditions may exist in a non-grow-op when the right conditions allow it to thrive inside a home or building. The primary conditions include:

  • Moisture
  • Darkness
  • Poor Ventilation
  • Source of Nutrients

Since most building materials serve as a good food source for mold, it tends to grow well inside walls and in basements. If you observe or suspect a mold infestation, One Call Services Cleaning can perform the necessary mold remediation, which includes containment, removal and treatment of affected areas.

Some types of mold can cause moderate to serious health problems for people and animals. People with compromised immune systems are especially at risk. Most mold issues, if identified and removed in time, require minor to moderate remediation.

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