Meth Lab Cleanup

Since being first synthesized in 1887, amphetamines and methamphetamines have become a popular choice for illegal “cooks” With a chemical structure very similar to dopamine (the brain’s pleasure transmitter), Methamphetamine causes neurons to release large amounts of dopamine to produce a high. This drug has prolonged effects on the brain and central nervous system and is extremely addictive.

It is also relatively easy to make with a variety of recipes that use household products. These products are combined and cooked to produce crystals but the process also produces toxic waste and fumes that can affect the plumbing, electrical, structural and contents of the location. Hazardous waste or “booby traps” can seriously injure an unsuspecting or unprepared visitor to the site. The cleanup of a meth lab should not be undertaken by anyone not trained in the dangers of this type of endeavor.

One Call Services can ensure the site specific protocol is followed to ensure the most appropriate course of action is taken in each case.

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